20 April 2013


I am really glad I bought a 30 gigabyte Zune.  Unfortunately my MacBook Pro wasn't compatible.  Of course iTunes doesn't work with it either.  After I bought my windows compatible laptop, I was able to load the Zune software and use all of my music that I had saved in WMA format off my external hard drive.  All of my original CDs I have at my parents house, but I ripped most of them in WMA on my old HP Pavilion more than a few years back and saved them to the hard drive before the HP Pavilion died.  I used to make WMA CDs to play in my car too.
Now I have all the music I want, which is a wide variety, on my Zune.  On our roadtrip to Missouri for my sister-in-law's wedding, we listened to it until it ran out of power before I realized I forgot the USB to charge it.  And I left all of my CDs at home.  Lesson learned.  Always have a backup.  

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