27 March 2013

One Year Anniversary

I now believe in love, even though I had lost all hope.
God's providence manifest by sending me you.
One year has come and gone since we said "I do"
We've grown closer even though we've been apart.
My love, my life, my heart, my mind are completely yours! You are completely mine.
We complement each other so well like puzzle pieces forming a picturesque scene.
One complete person are we- husband and wife.

I couldn't wait til April 14th to post this.  I love you so much Olivia!

26 March 2013


I started to buy stocks about a year ago after I had paid off my debts.  I'm not rich, but I try to make wise choices with my money.  I'm not looking for a quick return just good long term investment.  Here are a few stocks I bought:
Coinstar Inc.  The company owns the Redbox machines where movies cost $1 or 2.  I like that you can drop your movie off at any location.  Plus soon they will be competing with Netflix and Amazon online.  http://www.redbox.com/ 
Amazon though the stock is so expensive to get into.  I know myself and others buy almost everything on the site, especially when I was stationed overseas.
Dunkin Donuts because I absolutely love their coffee over any other place!  I will buy their coffee at the grocery store because it is perfect!  I haven't had any donuts from there in a while though.  Their website http://www.dunkindonuts.com/ shows breakfast sandwiches and other pastries offered.  I will have to check it out!
Ocean Power Technologies http://www.oceanpowertechnologies.com/ who invest in renewable energy from buoys in the ocean. I feel good investing in renewable energy and hope it pays off.