12 January 2013


The new year is upon us, and I feel blessed.  I have a great wife and helpmate.  She makes life worthwhile.  My student loans are paid off, while I continue to take online classes.  I've completed 4 classes so far toward my International Relations degree.
I had enough points for promotion to Sergeant; Soon I will be pinned.  All last week I've been at a military course called WLC, where they teach Army leadership skills.   For the next few weeks I will be in that course and in some ways it is similar to Basic Combat Training.  My platoon has nearly exhausted the cadences we know from marching everywhere for a week, so I will attempt to learn and create some new ones.  We are up around 0400 and get done about 1800 every day.  We have to keep our rooms to an exacting SOP and participate in leadership positions, such as squad leader, platoon sergeant, and first sergeant.  Proper drill and ceremonies is emphasized, as well as classroom learning.  I just want to get it done, but I will try to get as much out of it as possible.  I have some prior leadership experience, but the army has special forms for everything and they do things a little differently.  
It's going to get busy this year, but I'm looking forward to gaining some new experience and serving my country.