18 December 2012


I was looking for another paper that I wrote for a class, and found this entry I wrote for another class's forum.  It was a mandatory and prerequisite class, that I hated.  I didn't want to complete assignments for this class but had to indeed find the motivation to keep doing it anyway!  I feel the same way about the class I'm in now at times:
Motivation is ultimately a personal driving force.  Yes, someone could pressure you to do something.  However, it means nothing until you actually start doing something.  If you really don't want to do something, you can drag your feet even though you have all this pressure.  That's why I say motivation is really more of a personal force.  
A thief can motivate someone by pointing a gun to get a wallet.  However the victim could still refuse at the possible expense of his life.  A boss can motivate by giving incentives to do well on a project- extra money, vacation time, or whatever.  But it is up to you to say, "Yes I want to do that."  That very same boss could tell you that you have to do something or you will lose your job.  If you feel like you aren't appreciated and don't like the lack of respect, you may not feel motivated to do better.   
When it is 6 am and I am in a PT formation, I don't feel motivated all the time.  However going through the motions, acting like we are enthused and want to be there, helps us to really get motivated.  False motivation can become real motivation.   
Planning goals that mean something to us and knowing that in order to accomplish those goals, one must do something, is a way to get motivated.  When we fervently want to get somewhere, we will try to accomplish those things that matter in the pursuit of those goals.

The class was easy but very boring and ridiculous.  Now I am in the middle of a final paper for a much more demanding class, and find myself still struggling with motivation.  There are always other things that interest me more.  I like to learn, but sometimes can't focus on what is needed right now.  I guess this will be my new years resolution, finding and using motivation, as well as focusing on stuff that is required before all the other things.  What are things that matter most to you?

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