06 March 2012

The dentist

After formation, I had to go to sick call to get my teeth looked at.  Yesterday I got an email saying I had to go ASAP.  After waiting 20 minutes for the bus and then riding for 40 minutes, I made it there and signed in.  I then waited another hour and a half before laying back in that dentist's chair.  The CPT that looked at my teeth saw that, on my old X-ray, I had a couple cavities.  One of them was under an old filling that had cracked (leakage).  He had me get another X-ray of that one, and the decay had spread dangerously close to my nerve.  I was worried and felt dumb for not coming in sooner.  He said I will probably need a root canal and I need to make an appointment.  Luckily someone cancelled their appointment during lunch.  So I took that spot and came back.  The dentist was glad I could take off work to get it done.  I was too.  I was lucky I got that email and that careful dentist, because he took his time and used the right tools to take out the old filling and remove the decay underneath.  I have a new composite filling now.  It hurts but I know it could've been much worse!  Thank God

I just got back after a long day at work going through files and doing admin work.  But I feel blessed and I know I won't have to come in over the weekend again.  I also hope my efforts pay off.  I'd like to put myself in a good position for promotion.  I am tired now and need to go to bed for another day.

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