01 February 2012

Korean Catfish?

Thursday is the special day at the DFac(dining facility).  They have more variety and supposedly better food, which also means it's crowded.  After waiting in line I was happy to see Southern Fried Catfish.  I got some of that with some greens and potatoes.  I ate a few soggy bites and it was ok at best.  It just made me miss home that much more.  I miss the legit catfish restaurants in places like southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.  A couple bites of this korean catfish tasted horrible and I spit it out into a napkin!
I also realized amongst the large crowd that I had few friends.  There were people in my company there, but no one I would consider a friend, just barely acquaintances.  Plus it doesn't help that I am still a lower enlisted, so I was taught not to associate too much with the NCOs and officers.  But most of the ones that are my rank or less are much younger and less mature.  I miss some of my real friends.
So I am going to the bowling alley in an hour for a company get-together.  I haven't been to any that they've had in the past because I was always too busy at work and/or I wasn't invited.  I want to go but I'm worried that I won't have anyone to converse with.  I dont feel like bowling either.  Well, I asked if I could have the time off to go so I am going regardless.  This atmosphere makes me a lil depressed.  I can't help it.     

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