01 February 2012

Korean Catfish?

Thursday is the special day at the DFac(dining facility).  They have more variety and supposedly better food, which also means it's crowded.  After waiting in line I was happy to see Southern Fried Catfish.  I got some of that with some greens and potatoes.  I ate a few soggy bites and it was ok at best.  It just made me miss home that much more.  I miss the legit catfish restaurants in places like southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.  A couple bites of this korean catfish tasted horrible and I spit it out into a napkin!
I also realized amongst the large crowd that I had few friends.  There were people in my company there, but no one I would consider a friend, just barely acquaintances.  Plus it doesn't help that I am still a lower enlisted, so I was taught not to associate too much with the NCOs and officers.  But most of the ones that are my rank or less are much younger and less mature.  I miss some of my real friends.
So I am going to the bowling alley in an hour for a company get-together.  I haven't been to any that they've had in the past because I was always too busy at work and/or I wasn't invited.  I want to go but I'm worried that I won't have anyone to converse with.  I dont feel like bowling either.  Well, I asked if I could have the time off to go so I am going regardless.  This atmosphere makes me a lil depressed.  I can't help it.     


So I've been running a lot on the treadmill, except for the past few days.  I been doing about 5 miles each day.  I would run a straight 2 miles and time myself.  Then I would run 60-120's, which is sprinting 60 seconds, and then walking 120 seconds.  I would do this over and over and each time I would up my speed and/or the incline!  I love the feeling after the workout is complete!  While my muscles may be sore and I'm tired, I feel energized and full of life!
I also looked at the P90X routine and haven't started it yet, but I want to.  In 3 months I should be in really good shape- more defined abs, stronger, and even better at cardio.  

A bit of Nostalgia

It's amazing how much time one could waste in the few free hours available in a day.  Instead of doing some homework, I watched 2 hour long shows and took a nap.  So I can't say that recreation in itself is a waste.  I think it is good for the soul and body, but while procrastinating doing other work...Yeah, well it wasn't a waste I dont think.  Most of the shows I like to watch are educational.  The last show was one of 8 episodes, of Modern Marvels in a set, talking about Walt Disney- Technology.  Wow, this man was a cartoonist, screenwriter, engineer, and a business-man with vision.  Back when I was in the 4th grade I believe, the teacher of our class asked us who was the most influential person you looked up to.  I chose Disney even though he was no longer living.  I remember classmates chuckling.  LOL  I thought what he created was amazing from his theme parks to his cinematic cartoons.  He was able to get others excited about his vision and put teams together in order to help him construct Disney Land and then Disney World.  Prior to that,  at the 1964 World's Fair in NY, he introduced animatronics with Abraham Lincoln!  That's almost as cool as seeing electric lights for the first time (thanks to Tesla and Edison).  I still am a kid inside and want to make this world a better place.  I have a bit of an engineer streak as well.  I used to dream and build with paper and pencil or with legos or with strategy games involving planning a metropolis, planet, roller coaster, or theme park among other things.  I wish I had pictures of some of my lego creations from when I was younger.  I built a really elaborate spaceship which was enormous with 3 or 4 decks and moving parts.  I still have all my legos stored at my parent's house in a big tote along with the original lego monorail train where I built bases!
When I lived in Florida as a kid, we visited Kennedy Space Center.  Seeing all of the models of rockets and vehicles on display, then climbing into an actual space shuttle and other craft, had me dreaming of being an astronaut seeing the curvature of the Earth and feeling weightless.
Perhaps I will make a difference and accomplish great things, but that requires me to focus on one thing at a time- my job during the day, working out and studying at night.  So now I will commence my homework toward my degree in international relations.  I'm taking 2 classes online and one is very boring for me because they are teaching things that I already know.  Aww well I have to do it.  But sometimes I can't help to wonder what's next- in my personal life and professional.  I am getting married in less than 3 months and I hope we make a great life together!  It's still hard to believe that I have an amazing woman rooting for me that really loves me and will support me.  The Army is making it a bit difficult though with the planning of the wedding, and we are still unsure of the living arrangements after the wedding- if she will come here and I stay longer or if she won't be allowed to live here.  So many things are up in the air...