07 January 2012


There is nothing like seeing your heart rate go from 190 to 135!  I'm rather proud of myself for running over 3 miles on the treadmill at a constant speed of 7.6-7.8, which is under a 16 minute- 2 mile.  I wanna be ready for the next PT test and rock it!  Now I need to keep up my upper body and core as well....I remember before I joined the army I couldn't run 2 blocks, but I conditioned my body before I went to boot camp.  Then those drill sergeants really got me in shape!
It was september 2009 when I went on that journey to basic combat training!  Wow a lot has happened since that year.  I previously had a house and furniture and had to sell it or give it all away, which seems unfortunate, but I knew I had to in order to bring about the changes necessary and go on a new journey.  I had a crappy job with poor management and got fired that year.  I was living on unemployment insurance for several months and I was blessed to receive it.  I did look for work every week, but there really was no jobs!   I went to career fairs and at one a Navy Petty Officer convinced me to come in take the pre-ASVAB  to see how much I know and what jobs I could get.  So I did and scored high enough where he was pushing me to join to learn nuclear engineering!  I thought about it, but I didn't want to be stuck on a aircraft carrier or sub.  I was at the unemployment office where I had to sign in.  After getting up from the computer I noticed a guy in his 30's dressed in ACU's (Army Combat Uniform) putting up Army brochures.  I stopped and talked to him and the rest is history.  I was his first recruit and there was a lot of paperwork.  One of the things they do is check to see if their is anything on your criminal record.  The Sergeant that was looking into it said I had something on my record from Jefferson County and needed to go there.  I knew what it was I thought.  I had a traffic accident where I ended up wrecking the front of my truck because the guy in front decided to stop on a dime.  I got a ticket and I didn't pay it in time.  My recruiter took me there and the lady at the front looked at my ID and said "wait here."  A female cop came out with handcuffs and I was confused.  I just wanted to pay whatever I owed.  But they didn't take ATM or credit cards as payment- only cash.  They said I had to stay in the facility!  Wow, then the handcuffs were fastened to my hands and I was escorted to the jail.  They took everything in my pockets and my belt.  I was alone in jail.  I asked the lady to ask the recruiter if he could take my wallet with my pin number for my ATM card and withdraw cash for me.  She agreed and thank God I got out!  Then I had to go to court and was not allowed to drive until after it was cleared.  I had to call my friend Mims to drive me home that night and then came back went to court and got it cleared up.  That was rediculous!  That was the only time I've ever been in jail.  haha  So glad to not be living in that county now.  So yes, changes are necessary sometimes.  I had nothing going for me there and was depressed about it until I decided to move on with a new life in the military

05 January 2012

Cleaning my M16

I just got back from cleaning my weapon for bout 2 hours and chatting with my former XO and a SSG who had some Afghanistan deployment stories.  I don't have a lot of face-time with my company because of where I work, so I enjoyed the couple conversations.....Today after work was over and I was in my room, I sat down at my desk, looked at facebook a minute, while taking off my boots and green socks.  Then I remembered my phone is probably dead, so I put it on the charger. Then I laid on my bed and fell asleep for half an hour.  Then I was called to be at the motor pool in the morning.  Then, I was called in to clean my weapon right away.  (Evidently our commander had sprayed all the weapons with CLP which makes them dirty)  Well, I couldn't find my weapon card and looked through everything and still needed to make it the DFAC in time to eat.  Then a friend calls me saying to stay in my room a minute so he could stop by.  He came by to give me my power adapter back he borrowed for his guitar pedal, and his mom had sent a bunch of little gifts for him to hand out to his friends, so I got one with glitter-ful wrapping paper around it. Nice thought!  So I went down the 6th floors to the dining facility, ate and came back up the elevator to my room, continued to look for my card, found it, and then went back down the elevator outside in the 20 degree- ice covered everything, past the gym, across the parking lot and up the hill to the arms room.  And then saw my new squad leader who informed me of my counseling statement for the month.  He told me the sergeants I work with told him what to write about me.  One of the things they said was I need to show more respect and cut my hair.  I very rarely don't show respect.  In fact, I've been told many a time that I am very respectful.  However when people joke with me, I sometimes joke back.  Plus when I am told by one sergeant to do one thing, and then another to do something else I listen to the last order...Yeah.  Plus my hair is within regs.  It is not on the ears or on the collar.  It is left a little longer on top but very very short on the sides...I think someone is just being nit picky.  I suppose I could show up every day and just do my job and whenever an NCO talks to me, regardless I will snap to parade rest and always be serious.  And just mind my own business.  I am just a little irked.  I had a long day today, and I still need to do PT.  It is 2108 now.  I am tired.  I have homework from these online classes I need to finish along with pre- req courses I must finish soon for this Army course I will be taking at the end of the month.  What am I supposed to do right now?  I can't do it all.  Sometimes I really hate the Army.  It is hard to plan ahead.  Tomorrow is Friday and I have the weekend to get caught up on everything in my life.