25 December 2011

So it is Christmas

 I've been in my room almost all day and I haven't seen anyone.  But I am not sad about it.  Sometimes it's good just to be alone to contemplate life, listen to music, play guitar, watch a movie, or do some writing.  I've done all of those things today.  I am blessed for wooing a wonderful soul to be my wife.  And I've been thinking of her and our future together.  It is still hard to believe the course of life and of answered prayers.  Being here so far away from her, family, and friends I've acquired is difficult.  I acknowledge that, and the fact that this too shall pass.  How can I be sad when I got this card from a random student in school?  And a bunch of cookies and peanut butter candy from my mom?  And a couple weeks ago I received a big box from Olivia full of cool stuff that she took time out to make for me.  That makes me very happy.  To know she loves me and appreciates me makes all the difference in the world.  I can't wait to be with her again.

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