24 December 2011

Just thinking!

               Storms of unfathomable proportions
          Meander through the complex world of the mind
               Electricity flows through the lightning
          From synapse to synapse, connecting, 
               Associating simple thoughts
          Into complex webs of theories and ideas.
               These ideas from inspiration
          Flow through communication
               To other worlds with storms of their own.
          Like an electrical storm balancing out the charges,
                Our mind is a powerful thing that can bring about change,

           So that our world of consciousness,
                 Made of people like you and me,
            Create a flowing, sinuous stream,
                     Springing forth our ideas.
                           Though not always the same,
                      We all want some things:
                            Free will, prosperity, and love.
                                           Blessed are the peacemakers,
                                     The unadulterated negotiators,
                                           The problem resolvers, those who speak the truth in love
                                      and listen to the voice from above.

                                             Sown are the confluence of those ideas
                                      That transmute into tangible things,
                                              Reaped by motivation and aspiration
                                       Creating solutions, not excuses
                                              Envisaging a better world tomorrow.

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