27 December 2011

Meaning of my blog

Pastiche: an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.
Cynosure: a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration
"However that may be, the Count was the cynosure of every eye as he advanced, exchanging bows on his way, to where Mme de Morcerf was standing before a flower-laden mantelshelf."
I really enjoy this movie, because he is betrayed and is in prison, but he finds the will inside that keeps him alive, much like The Shawshank Redemption.  Little by little both of them work at their escape.  

24 December 2011

A few poems I wrote years ago

    Celestial Sails
                      Instead of shades of grey
             Let’s break out the pastel paints
                     Or crayola crayons coloring in and out of the lines
             A beautiful picture
                     That awakens and invigorates the senses
             Sometimes I’m senseless-
                      Not in tune with my inner soul and mind
             It’s time to unwind this knot inside
                      So my sails can ride 
             This celestial wind
                      Of a voice within 
             And everywhere around

                     Say goodbye to excess

                     Say hello to what’s real
                     From the soul that’s the deal
                     What’s inside
                     Keep it real
                     Don’t hide behind
                     The shadows
                     Of self-doubt
                     It’s time to step out
                     With vision and confidence
                      In real world innocence
                      And vulnerability
                       Words are ammunition 
                           Expressions of our souls and of humanity in all its forms
                                       Exposing Uplifting shifting our hearts and minds 
                                                                                    Freedom we find

In a picture
                  The molded clay and cobblestone way
                  Up the mezzanine; Latin and Victorian houses
                  Overlooking pier docks jetting into the bay
                   White sails and blue waves
                   Crashing and splashing
                   On the boulder borders
                   Of land and sea.
                   Flowers and vines grow rapidly
                   Perfect weather out of a dream
                   Romantic scenery
                   Who could tire of such a relaxing place?

Just thinking!

               Storms of unfathomable proportions
          Meander through the complex world of the mind
               Electricity flows through the lightning
          From synapse to synapse, connecting, 
               Associating simple thoughts
          Into complex webs of theories and ideas.
               These ideas from inspiration
          Flow through communication
               To other worlds with storms of their own.
          Like an electrical storm balancing out the charges,
                Our mind is a powerful thing that can bring about change,

           So that our world of consciousness,
                 Made of people like you and me,
            Create a flowing, sinuous stream,
                     Springing forth our ideas.
                           Though not always the same,
                      We all want some things:
                            Free will, prosperity, and love.
                                           Blessed are the peacemakers,
                                     The unadulterated negotiators,
                                           The problem resolvers, those who speak the truth in love
                                      and listen to the voice from above.

                                             Sown are the confluence of those ideas
                                      That transmute into tangible things,
                                              Reaped by motivation and aspiration
                                       Creating solutions, not excuses
                                              Envisaging a better world tomorrow.

12 December 2011

Awakened from a cinematic dream,
the plot and characters I seemed to have forgot.
Yet I still feel the after effects:
Hope, peace, and a sense of adventure has overtaken me.
On this Christmas Eve morning, I now
Look out the window from my 6th floor room
and a misty snow covered backdrop greets me.